Waxahachie Emergency Order Information

Provided by a Qualified Waxahachie Family Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately, because your family's safety should be your number one priority. Loucks & Drew, P.L.L.C., is a team of experienced attorneys who understand what it's like to deal with family problems. We take family law matters seriously and will work closely with you to ensure that your family is protected no matter what. We have experience in divorce, domestic violence cases and other areas of family law. We have previously obtained the following court orders for our clients:

  • Permanent and Temporary Protective Orders
  • Permanent and Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Child Custody Orders
  • Permanent and Temporary Injunctions

If you or your children have suffered from domestic violence, you should not continue subjecting yourself and your family to such abuse. Contact a Waxahachie child custody attorney who can help you obtain a protective order to ensure that you and your family are protected.

Helping Protect Waxahachie's Families from Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is very serious and should not be ignored. If your spouse, significant other or another family member has been physically abusing you, your children or another family member, you should immediately file for a protective order. A hearing for a protective order is typically granted within 14 days of filing the petition.

While waiting for your hearing, you can often obtain a temporary ex parte order that will offer you immediate protection from your abuser. The court will grant you a temporary protective order in cases in which it appears that there is a clear and present danger of family violence towards you or another family member. A temporary ex parte order will offer you protection from the time you file for a permanent protective order until your court hearing for a permanent order. The temporary ex parte order may last as long as 20 days and may be extended for additional 20-day periods.

Obtaining Emergency Protective Orders

If a family member has been arrested for abusing you or your children, you can obtain a Magistrate's Order for Emergency Protection. This emergency protective order is issued by a magistrate when a defendant appears after an arrest involving family violence or sexual assault. The magistrate may move for an emergency protective order or one may be requested by the victim, the victim's guardian, a peace officer or an attorney representing the state of Texas.

An emergency protective order may prohibit the abuser from any of the following:

  • Any further domestic abuse
  • Communicating with any family member or individual named in the emergency order
  • Making any threats against the victim or any member of the victim's household
  • Entering or going near the place of employment, household, school or business of the victim or any member of the victim's household

To be eligible for an emergency protective order, you must contact your local police department to press charges against your abusive family member. If you are not sure how to handle your situation, you may need to contact a Waxahachie divorce attorney who can explain the different protective order options available to you.

Domestic Violence is a Serious Matter

If you or any member of your family has suffered from domestic abuse, you should address the matter immediately. Contact your local police department immediately to ensure that your abuser is arrested and request an emergency protective order to ensure that you do not suffer any further violence. At Loucks & Drew, P.L.L.C., we know that domestic abuse can be scary and hard to overcome. However, we will do whatever we can to help protect you from further abuse and begin the recovery process. Contact a Waxahachie divorce lawyer at Loucks & Drew, P.L.L.C., today for help protecting you from any further domestic violence.

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